Sam Frost Refutes His Own Book

Examining Sam Frost’s Attempt to Explain Why His Essays on the Resurrection Book is Wrong

Sam Frost finally got around to writing a “refutation” of his book, Essays on the Resurrection. See my first response to his Blog article, in which I demonstrate that Frost’s very first shot in his attempt to explain his departure from what he had written is rife with logical fallacies– according to his own definition of logical fallacies!

Frost was certainly correct on one point. He told us that if he refuted the key arguments in his book that he did not have to address every line and every page. Thing is, he did not refute anything! But, that principle applies to my response. I don’t have to address everything in Frost’s article. If / when I expose the fundamental error of his key statements, then his entire post goes up in smoke. With that in mind, take note of Frost’s amazing claim: