1. Don has opened my eyes to
    the unmistakable God directed timeline to Christianity’s historical events and progression! He is a Biblical detective that uses scripture to show the how, when and where that God’s fulfillment and completion took place!

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to see a notification from Don Preston. I’m a long time follower of Don’s ministry. I love to watch new content and I appreciate Don’s knowledge and commitment to Truth. It’s difficult to gauge just how much the Full Preterist view is growing but Don is certainly at the forefront of that expansion.

  3. Dear Don, your teaching on Acts as the fulfillment of the promises to Israel has been a blessing and I continue to listen to it over and over! May I ask, what is the best way to introduce this to other believers (who currently have a “veil” over their understanding)?

    1. Hello, Barbara! There is no quick, simple and easy way to introduce folks to preterism, unfortunately. Tradition and prejudice are powerful! But, we can start with simple, easy facts, and by asking our friends to explain some difficult (easy) texts. Asking them to share with you what they believe, in light of what a text actually says can sometimes open their eyes.
      It takes patience, prayer and persistence!
      God bless!

  4. Two questions. 1. Which of your books explains the feast days, and 2. How does one subscribe to the “Preterist doctrine” site? Thanks

  5. I would like to see supporting scriptures on the already but not yet. Thanks DohI have been listening to you for years

    1. Hello Don! I’m confused about something, that you might be able to clear up for me, on the subject concerning the Marriage Supper of the Lamb- the Wedding. I have been watching your videos and reading in some of books, and in scripture, on this topic. I understand that the Wedding occured at the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 ad (God destroying his enemies and remarrying His people). But, Paul seems to imply, especially, in Romans Ch. 7 and 2 Corinthians 11:2 that 1st Century Christians were already married to Christ BEFORE 70 ad. Am I misunderstanding something here?? Like I said, I’m confused! Can you help clear this up in my mind?? Blessings and I’m looking to your answer!

  6. Don, I really enjoyed reading your article in Fulfilled! Magazine. Your response to Roderick Edwards was spot on. Your arguments were thought provoking and informative. His Objection is Overruled! Thanks for you service to the body of Christ.

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